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Hopdaemon Beers

At Hopdaemon the pursuit of the perfect pint of Real Ale has become a bit of an obsession. Traditional brewing methods are followed and quality is the name of the game.

The purest ingredients are used at all times, and careful attention is paid to consistency throughout the brewing process.

'No matter where I travel in the world there is always one thing that brings me back to ol' Blighty and that's a well kept pint of Ale in a traditional English Boozer…' (the Hopdaemon).

Our Products

Cask Ales

  • Golden Braid 3.7%
  • Incubus 4%
  • Skrimshander I.P.A. 4.5%
  • Green Daemon Helles 5%

Bottled Beers

Hopdaemon produces four shades of award-winning bottled Beers.

  • Vincent Price Ale - Black Cat (4.6%): an American IPA wrapped in a dark black cape
  • Green Daemon Helles (5%): a continental-style golden beer
  • Skrimshander I.P.A. (4.5%): a pale ale
  • Leviathan (6%): a fine ruby ale

Online ordering

For ONLINE ORDERS you can contact our buddies at Ales By Mail.

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Trade enquiries & Contact

If you have a TRADE ENQUIRY or wish to speak to us about anything else, please contact us at:

Hopdaemon Brewery
Unit One
Parsonage Farm
Seed Road

Tel: 01795 892078
Email: [email protected]